Discover a better way of working — in the cloud. Link systems together, build useful web apps, or just enjoy email, calendars & tools that let you work from anywhere. Holla!

  • Super-Administration

    "Worry-Free" Management

    Want to modernize? Thinking about a move to Google Apps? Not sure how to make it happen? Try our "quick start" implementation and let us handle the ongoing administration, so your business can begin enjoying the game-changing benefits of Google Apps now.

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  • Custom Development

    Add Something Special

    Need to share special information with customers? How about a special "members-only" section? Every Business Website comes with a framework for building basic web applications and password-protected secure zones. We can help you build exactly what you need to improve your site's customer-first experience.

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  • Service Integration

    Plays Well With Others

    Need to move lead information to Need invoices and payments processed using Xero? Your Business Website has a data exchange service (API) available, so you can keep your entire cloud in sync. You can also integrate your accounts on Facebook and Twitter for display and sharing.

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Put Google Apps on Cruise Control

Custom Planning, Rollout & Super-Administration Services

You know it would be great for your company to make the switch to Google Apps, but you don't know how to figure out what you need, how to get it set up, and most importantly, how to get it rolled out to your employees with minimal disruption. We can help you figure out the details, design and oversee your rollout, and provide ongoing super-administrator support, so you can focus on what matters -- new leads, happy customers and more business.

Cloud shaped web app diagram showing database of media types with Adobe branded lock attached to it

Custom Web Apps and Secure Zones

Extend your business solution with custom listings, directories and databases

Take your website to the next level. Every Business Website comes with a built-in framework for developing your own custom web applications and password-protecting areas of your site for exclusive use by customers, employees or partners.

Web apps are small databases, that you control, to display real estate listings, classifieds, job openings, directories, and more. They allow your users to easily add new items using an intuitive interface. Combined with password-protected secure zones, you can now decide exactly who gets to see what online!

API Integration & Social Media

Sync customer data and transactions with your favorite cloud services or just become easily likeable

Although your Business Website comes with 5+ integrated systems, there are often times when business processes require you to automate the sharing of data between systems. Fortunately, your system also includes an application programming interface (API) to help you in building out these connections so you can streamline your business functions to save you both time and money.

Also, built in to your system is the option to easily add social elements to your sites. You can easily add social media sharing buttons, Facebook comments, and activity feeds to your pages, blog posts, product pages and more.

Silver ISP hub with spoke connections to a variety of cloud services